I stop a moment and look around
The same sky, the same ground
Everything else has changed
From just that moment ago

From familiar strangeness
To unfamiliar proximities
The world the same from then
But perceptions so different

Pieces of a jig saw puzzle
Coming together all so slowly
Moments of life they fit in
Unraveling many a mystery 

Give me a word
That was unheard
I'll make it stay
In the minds of the world

I am a bard
I remain unscarred
To erase my words
For the world, it's hard

Just a word to start
I'll write out my heart
Within me it remains
Of me, it is a part

Hold my hand and stand with me
We'll look up at the sky together
And count those countless stars

Look into my eyes deep and long
And you will see inside of me
Dreams as many as those stars 

It is hard to write it all,
But still harder to remain
Detached to each word, each thought
Sometimes futile, sometimes so vain
But the words will go on,
Till a time unknown, as long;
As every lost poet waits
For a rhythm to every unwritten song

All those childhood days we played together,
Without a worry, not a care,
I screamed at you, I cried in pain,
Every time you teased, and pulled my hair.

Months and years went by,
You became my companion, my closest friend,
Our jokes made me laugh, our fights made me cry,
But we swore we’ll remain friends till the end.

That evening stroll by the park,
You suddenly whispered, “I love you”
When I looked at you, I had tears in my eyes,
You were mine forever; then I knew.

Ours was a love story,
Like a fairy tale so beautiful, so true,
I wept in joy at the altar,
When you held me and said “darling, I do”....

After all these years together,
I can’t shed a tear, no matter how hard I try,
As I stare helplessly at your grave
Without you, it’s now too painful to cry.

You make me smile,
When I'm almost in tears;
You give me the courage,
To face all my fears.

You listen to me,
When I feel I'm not being heard;
You understand what I say,
Without me even saying a word.

You make me feel special,
The way you care for me;
You make me realize things,
Far beyond what I can see.

You stand by me always,
You are there every time I call;
I know you will will be there,
To hold me, when i fall.

You inspire me,
You make me wanna fly;
You make it seem so wonderful,
Each moment that passes by.

You make a difference,
In every possible way;
You make my life so beautiful,
Each moment of each day.

To grasp a mere emotion;
She wrote a million lines,
Futile she thought it was all;
Because words never did suffice.

To express something so simple;
Beyond words she did seek,
To express what she knew;
Was an expression so unique.

Everything that you say,
Everything that you do,
It may be all false,
It may be so true.
Still I attempt to find,
Each time, a meaning so new.
To express what I understand;
There are words, but so few.

Yet...the words will go on,
As long as its all about me and you.

On a walk; a mile; in silence,
A blank mind, a clear conscience,
Persistent feelings linger,
They urge to grasp and portray;
On a canvas, still unfound.

Each step, each thought,
Left ignored, yet noticed,
A walk that maybe forgotten,
But footprints that remain,
Unconsciously, still remembered.

Years went by,
Not once did they meet.
Though apart by distance;
She could hear his heart beat.

After all those years,
They did meet one day,
There was a silence,
Inspite of the million things to say.

When he looked at her,
She could see it in his eyes,
When he spoke,
She could feel it in his voice.

She knew it was worth the wait;
When he said what she already knew,
He looked into her eyes and said;
"I've found my soul mate in you"

Worthy criticism

Easy humour
Simple people
Crazy ideas
Familiar places
Stubborn notions
Smiling faces
Mixed emotions
Loud thoughts
Unknown desires
Busy lives
Silent encounters

She saw a lone star, in the night sky,
And she thought it looked so beautiful.

She had often heard people say,
"It is easier said than done",
But somethings, she thought,
Were easier done than said.
Falling in love was one of them.

She fell in love with the star,
Just for making her feel this way.

Just an instant,
And their eyes met,
Stranger no more,
Yet... so strange.
All in an instant,
Nothing to understand,
Except for the innocence,
Behind a simple gesture.

" So many things around, so beautiful,
Why is it that you cannot see? "

" Its not my eyes, that are blind,

Its my mind, that often blinds me "

Memories of a life spent together,
Some moments should just last forever.

I refuse to just hear,
I want to listen,
To the tunes that you play ;
Beyond my comprehension.

Coherence of the heart and mind,
A rarity, a perfect unison hard to find,
While one strays, the other does remain,
A life to live, an experience to gain.

In search of a purpose,
The thoughts that trail behind..
Nothing is true, nothing is false,
Its all an illusion of the mind.

I scream aloud,
But no one hears a sound.
No one can hear what i say,
No one sees life my way.
A desire to carve my own road,
To silently unlock the code,
Read my mind's every word,
Fly away like a bird.
How it is to have a wing,
I want to feel everything.
Walk a mile in the rain,
Live life like there is no pain.
I want to show that i really do care,
My deepest emotions i want to share,
Dissolve boundaries, break walls,
Reach out anytime someone calls,
Without expectations,wanting to give,
Make a painting of the life that i want to live.

I often spend hours thinking,
What i feel, i write.
Its simple contemplation,
To differentiate between wrong and right.
It makes me want to taunt myself,
At my self-created plight,
Of varying life's colours,
Sometimes i see red, sometimes white.
I dream all day,
I dream all night,
But what I'm looking for,
Is simply nowhere in sight.
A past to cherish,
An attempt to make the future bright,
Whilst groping in the dark,
All i ask for, is some light.

If words speak,
Actions scream.

Live within the walls of reason,
Or to escape to a different world,
A universe awaits to be discovered,
Amidst imagination,
And an urge to experience.

Sometimes, a song is all it takes,
Or a few simple words,

They just stay behind.

It makes me believe,
Small things make a difference,

A phenomenal difference.

If it feels right,
Its liberation.
Else its just bondage.

Irrespective of how strong the wind is,
A simple wish, to fly high.

So much to think...
Or made to think so much?
But its all so futile.

A mental block remains,
Indifferent and intentional.

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